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We provide training and professional development for individual educators and schools, districts, and organizations, customizable to your needs and circumstances. Come learn alongside our robust global community of educators how to fully utilize our iEARN programming and deepen your competence as a global educator.

Professional Development

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Professional Development Workshops

Global Educator

This workshop will explore what global education is all about, including the dispositions, knowledge, and skills needed to be a competent global educator. Educators will learn to identify their personal global competence strengths and areas of improvement, leaving the workshop with an action plan for individual growth as a global educator. 

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Global Goals

In this interactive workshop, educators will learn all about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, how to meaningfully integrate them into curriculum and lesson plans across grade levels and subjects, and walk away with a curated list of Global Goals activities, displays, and resources. 

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Digital Citizenship

This interactive workshop will explore what makes a responsible, effective, and ethical digital citizen and why these skills are so vital in today’s interconnected and interdependent world. Educators will gain resources and learn strategies for modeling effective digital citizenship and developing their students’ competence as global digital citizens.

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Virtual Exchange

This workshop will support educators in implementing virtual exchanges by exploring strategies for meaningful online communication and collaboration and what happens before, during, and after an effective exchange. Educators will leave the session with virtual exchange activities, checklists, and resources. 

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Global PBL

This workshop will support educators in implementing global project-based learning (PBL) by examining elements of effective global PBL projects and teaching practices. Educators will explore examples of high-quality global PBL, identify opportunities for global PBL within their curriculum, and leave the workshop with global PBL resources, including an initiated individual project plan.

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Training: iEARN 101 & 102

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Our Philosophy

Practical – We believe training and professional development should be rooted in practicality, which is why educators will leave our workshops and courses not only with new knowledge and skills relevant to their daily practice, but also with tangible resources — including activities, lesson plans, check lists, planning documents, and more — that can be used right away!

Collaborative – We know that the best training and professional development is collaborative in nature, with opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing and feedback. This is why our workshops and courses include opportunities for connection and collaboration among our unique and robust iEARN community of educators from across the globe.

Informative -  At their core, quality training and professional development should be informative, which is why we work in collaboration with field experts to design workshops centered on educators developing new or enhanced knowledge and skills. 

Engaging - There is nothing worse than dry and dull training and professional development, which is why we design our workshops to be interactive, engaging, and fun!

Customized – We believe in training and professional development that meets the needs of our educators, so for our live virtual and in-person workshops, we customize our content and approach based on who’s in the room — be that a physical or Zoom room!

Sustained – We know that true learning and growth is not a one-time event, which is why we follow-up with all of our training and professional development participants and provide opportunities for educators to continue their learning journey with us and each other, even after a workshop or course has ended.


Our Training Series (iEARN 101 & iEARN 102) are offered free.

Our professional development costs depend on the workshop and member status. iEARN members and partner schools and districts receive discounts on both our workshops and customized workshops. School group rates also apply for our professional development workshops. Please reach out to us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your trainings and professional development workshops open to anyone?

All of our professional development workshops are available to any and all educators across the globe! For our trainings specific to iEARN programming, the first course in our iEARN training series (EARN 101) is also open to all — existing iEARN educators or those wanting to learn more about iEARN and leveraging our programming in the classroom. As iEARN 102 delves deeper into iEARN project planning, that training is limited to current iEARN educators/members.

Are your trainings and professional development workshops customizable for schools and districts?

Yes! All of our trainings and professional development workshops are available to be run for individual schools, districts, and organizations and are customizable to your needs and preferences. Contact us to learn more.

Do you offer professional development on topics besides the ones listed?

Yes! We have expertise within a wide range of global education topics and are always open to developing new workshops. If you are an educator with an idea for a workshop you would like to see or a school, district, or organization looking for a customized workshop on a professional development topic not listed, please reach out to us with your request.

What formats are your professional development workshops available in?

We offer all our training and professional development as virtual workshops. For schools, districts, and organizations, we offer the option of in-person workshops; for individual educators, we offer in-person professional development opportunities on occasion through conferences and summer institutes. We are also in the process of developing our training and professional development as self-paced online courses and hope to launch that soon — stay tuned!

Contact Us

Have questions or don’t see what you are looking for? Want to learn more about our offerings or discuss a customized workshop? Please contact us at [email protected]