iEARN 102

Global Project Planning and Showcasing Project Work

Length: 90 minutes

Participants: iEARN 102 is open to current iEARN members.

Workshop Description & Objectives: If you’ve begun your iEARN journey and are now looking for guidance on how to thoroughly plan your project experience, this training is for you! This training covers the fundamentals of global project-based learning (PBL) and guides you through the planning steps for integrating an iEARN project into your curriculum. You will learn how to align a selected iEARN project to global competence and curriculum standards, identify objectives and supporting activities, and complete a detailed project plan for your exchange, including how your class will participate and collaborate in the project.

Your project plan will include the culmination of your students’ global project through creating and presenting final products. Following PBL best practice, you will learn how to guide students in showcasing and reflecting on their virtual exchange experience with authentic local and global audiences.

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Examine global project-based learning best practice 
  • Explore the different components of planning an iEARN exchange project
  • Begin a project plan to integrate an IEARN virtual exchange project into individual teaching practice while addressing local/national education standards
  • Recognize the importance of and identify opportunities for showcasing projects to local and global audiences

Format: iEARN 102 is offered as an interactive virtual workshop for participants to join by video conference on scheduled dates throughout the year.

Registration Calendar:

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If you are an iEARN member please email [email protected] for instructions to our self-paced training. 

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