iEARN 101

Preparing for a Global Exchange and Meaningful Online Communication

Length: 90 minutes

Participants: iEARN 101 is open to all - current iEARN educators and those interested in learning more about our programming.

Workshop Description & Objectives: You have joined as an iEARN member, now how do you get started? This training covers what iEARN is all about and how our virtual exchanges develop students’ global competence and are connected to the U.N. Global Goals. iEARN 101 explores how to prepare and begin a global virtual exchange, including how to select a project, hands-on activities for setting class guidelines and expectations, and introduction activities for students.

This training also equips you with skills to leverage online tools (including video conferencing and iEARN’s Collaboration Center) for communicating with global partners. You will learn how to build students’ skills for participating in quality dialogue, asking meaningful questions, and building cross-cultural friendships online.

By completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of iEARN, virtual exchange, and the Global Goals
  • Select and join suitable iEARN projects
  • Prepare students for a successful iEARN virtual exchange that includes quality online communication and cross-cultural friendships
  • Utilize technology to support virtual exchange, including video conferencing and iEARN’s Collaboration Center

Format: iEARN 101 is offered as an interactive virtual workshop for participants to join by video conference on scheduled dates throughout the year.

Registration Calendar:

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If you are an iEARN member please email [email protected] for instructions to our self-paced training. 

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