The Global Novel Project: Youth Uniting through Collaborative Authorship

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One student or group of students writes the first chapter of a novel. Then, via email, that school will send that chapter to a school in another country or region. That next student(s) will write the second chapter and, when finished, will send both the first and second chapters, via email, to the next school, in another country.  Participants can continue this process until the novel reaches a satisfactory end. Students may write more than one chapter, depending on the number of schools involved in the project. Each chapter should build on the same characters and setting, but advance the plot.

Find out more about the project on the Writing a Joint Global Novel Project Page in the iEARN Collaboration Centre. 

Check out a recent news article about the project - Multinational Mystery Brews, in the Omaha World Herald Newspaper in Omaha, Nebraska.

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