Presenters from 14 Countries Share iEARN Project Outcomes at Virtual Exhibition

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The Spring 2019 iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition on May 22nd was a great success and a vibrant celebration of global collaboration! 

As the infographic above shows, 35 students and 18 educators from 14 countries presented on 12 iEARN projects, and there were a total of 150 people from 36 countries who attended the exhibition.

According to feedback from the audience, the greatest highlight from the exhibition was seeing and hearing the students present their iEARN project work and outcomes to a global community. Students presented live from Iran, Georgia, the United States, Ukraine, Morocco, Uganda, Brasil, and Algeria, and students from Georgia co-hosted one of the three exhibitions. The excitement, pride and joy on the faces and in their voices at presenting what they had accomplished was palpable.

Moreover, learning about all of the amazing work that classrooms around the world had put into their iEARN project work was truly inspiring. Videos, poetry, and handmade artifacts were only some of the media that educators and students shared. 

It was not only a celebration of all that the students had accomplished with their project work, but also of the friendships they had made and the bridges they had built with their peers across the world. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters for sharing your project outcomes, our guest hosts for volunteering your time, and to all of our event attendees.

Below please find the full recordings for the three exhibition events.

Exhibition #1 - May 22, 9am EDT 

Girl Rising
Mari Sekine, Japan
Marzieh Abedi, Iran

World We Live In 
Olga Luksha, Belarus

My School, Your School
Mayumi Takizawa, Japan

Finding Solutions to Hunger 
Suzanne Al Sarris, Lebanon
Exhibition Compilation Video

Exhibition #2 - May 22, 11am EDT

Virtual Peace Education Camp
Tamar Lolishvili, Georgia

Finding Solutions to Hunger
Sayuri Hasegawa, Japan

Folk Costume
Cornelia Platon, Romania

International Book Club
Cindy Evarts, United States

Teddy Bear Project
Liubov Shamova, Ukraine

Future Citizens
Mohammed Chahitelma, Algeria

EXHIBITION #3 - May 22, 1:00pm EDT

Talking Kites
Dorina Vacari, Moldova
Iwona Kowalik, Poland

My Identity, Your Identity
Ahmed Touhami, Morocco 

Finding Solutions to Hunger
Grace Nabuduwa, Uganda
Marcia Pinheiro, Brasil 

One Day in the Life
Ali Hamdani, Algeria

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