Participants planting bulbs this week in Daffodil and Tulip Project

Taiwan Planting

Join students in different parts of the world who will be planting bulbs together at the end of November.  Once the bulbs are planted, participants collect data on latitude, longitude, sunlight, and temperature, and then track when their bulbs bloom.

Students will be asked to collect temperature data throughout the experiment and report to the group – in addition they will report when the blooms appear. Teachers will find that this project can be used to teach many skills for many age levels.

While participants are “waiting” for the blooms, they can connect in the online forum and will have opportunities to use math skills (graphing, converting metric to English or the reverse, Temperature conversions F to C and the reverse), science skills (hypothesizing what effects bloom date, collecting data, comparing and analyzing data) appreciate geography and culture (learning about the other parts of the world as the students share their similar projects), Language Arts, (as students write to each other about their experience.  some teachers are also planning to use this project to help teach English as a second language classes), and Creative Arts (finding connections in the arts to daffodils and tulips). The project can be as involved or as simple as your class needs it to be.

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