"Creating Global Classrooms" News Story Shares about iEARN

1 2009 Education Update Ascd
"Around the world, teachers are using online education tools to bring a global perspective to the classroom. To compete in the constantly evolving global marketplace, businesses around the world use Web sites, podcasts, blogs, videos, interactive forums, and other digital tools to connect with their customers, expand their international presence, and foster partnerships across borders. In the 21st century, "business as usual" just doesn't cut it anymore. Now, too, many educators are starting to catch on to the 21st century way of doing things. Using the same innovative digital tools as industry leaders, educators around the globe are developing cross-cultural education projects to bring the knowledge, resources, and diverse cultures of the world into their classrooms. From the remotest villages to the densest urban centers, students are communicating, collaborating, and learning in new and exciting ways."

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