BRIDGE Educators from Nine Countries Meet Face to Face in Morocco

BRIDGE teachers in Morocco

Twenty-five educators from the BRIDGE Program received full scholarship to attend the BRIDGE Workshop and iEARN International Conference held in Marrakech, Morocco July 15-22, 2017. These educators traveled from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, UAE, and the United States to spend a week together learning from one another and inspiring global collaboration. 

Their experience began with a two-day workshop where they presented their work, reflected on their practice, shared their experiences, and expanded their global collaborative projects. Educators gave presentations using the Ignite Talk format and participated in poster sessions to share their successful virtual exchange experiences. 

Following the two-day workshop, these educators joined over 300 other educators and youth at the 2017 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit. During this time, participants presented and attended sessions on global collaboration, technology tools, and cross-cultural learning, as well as built relationships and partnerships with other educators to continue the collaboration on their next iEARN project.

The scholarships for these 25 educators was made possible with funding by the Stevens Initiative

Having the opportunity to be with members of the BRIDGE community in real space and time...the chance to listen to each other, to reflect together and to reaffirm the deep meaning  of collaboration for the sake of student learning.
-- BRIDGE Workshop Participant