Back to School Project Ideas: Solar Cooking Project


Participants are invited to experiment with alternative energy uses by making, testing and using solar cookers. Recipes, construction tips, experiments and research findings will be shared on line and compiled on a web site.

Join students and teachers in Miami, Florida and around the world, including Pakistan (above), and Senegal (featured in the YouTube video below) in collaborative activities like these:

  1. design original solar oven.
  2. compare insulation materials, panel cookers to box cookers, heat trap materials, and effects of climate changes on solar cooking.
  3. create advertisement for solar cooking.
  4. debate use of solar cookers.
  5. write letters to local newspapers about benefits of using solar energy.
  6. create web page about solar cooking.
  7. write and present public service announcement for radio or TV about need to conserve energy, deforestation issues in third world countries, problems with fossil fuels, greenhouse effect, or global warming.
  8. create mural depicting history of solar energy.
  9. write and perform play or skit about importance of solar cooking.
  10. compile solar cookbook with tips on converting standard recipes to solar oven recipes.
  11. create board games focusing on solar energy facts.
  12. fund raise to sponsor solar cookers in rufugee camps and developing countries.
See a short feature of Solar Cooking Project participants in Senegal

Learn more about the project on the Solar Cooking Project Page in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.  If you are not yet an iEARN member, join now!