87 Educators and 300+ Students in Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States Receive Photojournalism Training

Photojournalism Training
On March 31st, 87 educators from Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States completed a five-week online course as part of the Photojournalism 2.014 program.
"The most interesting and valuable aspect of the course was we collaborated with different cultures, [learned about] their problems, eating habits and planning to find out solutions now. This project is a great effort to sensitize our students and bring change in the world." - Female educator, Pakistan
The course reviewed key information on journalism, photojournalism and issues surrounding food heritage, hunger and food security; introduced educators to the pedagogy of global project-based learned and helped them align collaborative projects with their school curricula and standards. Throughout the course, teachers from all three countries built lasting partnerships, shared their photojournalism work, exchanged ideas and collaborated on photojournalism projects. 
"Most interesting for me to have opportunity: acquisition of friends in other countries; to learn much about culture, customs of various countries; to exchange new ideas both with teachers and with pupils; to increase the computer skills; to improve language." - Female educator, Tajikistan
As a result of the workshop, educators integrated photojournalism curricula into their classes and afterschool activities. Over 300 students from more than twenty schools across Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States learned how to document and tell stories through images.
"I liked engaging with other teachers from around the world.  I think it is very powerful and rewarding to connect." - Male educator, United States
The Photojournalism 2.014 program is made possible through funding from the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the U.S. Department of State.