Yemeni Students Share their Culture, Heritage, and Identity

Elham Shamsan
iEARN Teacher

Our project is a result of the situation in which Yemen is going through wars and destruction and the media reports to other countries showing that Yemen is beginning to deteriorate.

Bad images of Yemen are created from outside countries through media and social media. This led me to choose the My Identity, Your Identity Project to convey a beautiful picture of Yemen to the rest of the world. Yemen has its original and beautiful heritage for a long time. Yemen, despite the difficult circumstances, is still so beautiful with its heritage.

To share our project, my students presented a school broadcast announcement. It is a presentation of the Yemeni traditional clothes, which is worn by Yemenis on several occasions according to the celebrations.

In the pictures below, students are doing a presentation showing the wedding traditions and clothing in Yemeni culture.

Yemeni Students1
Yemeni Students2
Yemeni Students3
Yemeni Students4