Stories from the Classroom: Yemen

Tahani Alswidi
iEARN Teacher

I'm extremely eager to introduce my students to the world at large through the iEARN program. Because of many reasons, one of them being the war in Yemen, I think my children need to have an opened window to see the world and they deserve to  “Learn with the world, not just about it.”

As a result of the online course, my attitude, skills, and behavior have changed. My students notice that I became calm and more conscious of their needs and abilities. The way of my teaching and dealing with my students change a lot. The more you open your eyes on others’ society, the more you know your society’s advantages and disadvantages. And because of that you will try your best to create a better solutions to overcome them.  

Global collaboration is how we feel when we know that we are a part of this big world..that we can take from it and give it..that we can learn from it and with it…that we are global citizen. My students and I will be proud and happy to exchange our opinions and talk to each other over all the world about our cultures, life, people, country and history. My students will make good relationships that will help them to build themselves and characters.

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