Six Common Objects, Six Billion Possibilities


Join a global design project challenge - students around the world are invited to make something interesting, artistic, or useful out of 6 ordinary objects.

We want to promote creativity and learn about different cultures by asking students around the world to design something out of the same 6 ordinary objects:

  1. a pencil
  2. a plastic water bottle
  3. a plastic shopping bag
  4. a piece of rubber band
  5. a paper clip
  6. a piece of white paper approximately 210mm × 297mm (A4) or 8.5 inches × 11 inches in size

The students may choose to use all 6 or just some of the 6 objects. Have an idea?  Join the project on the Six Common Objects, Six Billion Possibilities Project Page on the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

Not yet an iEARN member?  Join here.