2022 iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition Showcases Student Collaboration

The 2022 iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition, hosted by iEARN-USA, was a great showcase of student Collaboration!

We were so honored to connect with the iEARN global community at our 2022 Virtual Project Exhibition. During two sessions on May 19, we showcased outstanding project work, collaboration, and outcomes of iEARN K-12 classrooms around the world. Below are some stats that illustrate the impact of this event, which as become an annual tradition. If you weren't able to join us, but would like to view the inspiring presentations for yourselves, links to the video recordings on our YouTube channel and images from the event are also below.

2022 Virtual Project Exhibition

We wish to thank the following presenters, along with their students. We also wish to thank our guest hosts, iEARN member Jessie Gorant and her students, from the state of New Jersey in the United States. It was so inspiring to hear from students about the exciting project work they engaged in this past year, and how that work made a difference in their lives and communities!

Vpe Session 1

Video recording of Session #1 (7:00am)

Vpe Session 2

Video recording of Session #2 (9:00am)

Vpe 2022 Pic 5
Vpe 2022 Pic 7
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Vpe 2022 Pic 10
Vpe 2022 Pic 11
Vpe 2022 Pic 12
Vpe 2022 Pic 13
Vpe 2022 Pic 3
Vpe 2022 Pic 1
Vpe 2022 Pic 18
Vpe 2022 Pic 24
Vpe 2022 Pic 25

If you missed out on presenting at the 2022 VPE but are interested in participating in a future one, please be on the lookout for our call for submissions next year. Keep in mind the following criteria as you prepare your proposal: 

  • iEARN Project - The project must be an official iEARN project housed within the Collaboration Centre.
  • Quality of Media - If using video, try to keep the video to under five minutes, checking the audio quality. For powerpoints and photos, make sure that you have permission to use the photos and images are not copy-written. 
  • Project Story - Does your project submission include a clear description of the activities completed and the connection with the SDGs? We encourage participants to share their whole project process including how they did the project, why the project is important, and final outcomes.
  • Exchange Story - Does your submission reflect your cultural exchange experience in connecting with global partners? Presentations that include project partners, examples of collaboration, and represent work completed by multiple classes are encouraged.
  • Student Voice - We love to give students the opportunity to present during the exhibition! If it's not possible for students to join, submissions that include student voice, such as students recording messages or student quotes, will be prioritized.