Pakistani, Tajik and U.S. Students Put Photojournalism Skills to Use

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Upon completing their photojournalism training through the Photojournalism 2.014 program, educators across Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States began integrating photojournalism lessons into their classrooms and after school activities, resulting in 300+ students in these three countries trained in photojournalism and 21st century media skills. 
To apply their newfound media and photojournalism skills, students in Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States explored issues surrounding the theme of heritage, hunger and food security, such as food sources, traditional cultural dishes and practices and lack of access to enough food. Students took on the role of photojournalists, documenting these issues in their homes, schools and communities, visiting such sites as farms, food pantries, soup kitchens, food markets and welfare organizations.
To view some examples of photo stories and images the students captured, please see below. Students will continue honing their photojournalism skills throughout the program by looking further into the above topics.
Student photos from Pakistan:

Photos of and from Students in Tajikistan:

Photos of and from Students in Tajikistan:


Photos of and from Students in the United States:

The Photojournalism 2.014 program is made possible through funding from the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the U.S. Department of State.