Educators from 16 Countries Complete iEARN's Online Educator Course

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Our Spring 2019 iEARN Online Educator Course, Introduction to Online Collaboration and Global Projects, has come to an end. A total of 27 teachers from 16 countries successfully completed the course. They were from Albania, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Honduras, Paraguay, Philippines, Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Tunisia, Uganda, United States, and Uruguay. The teachers were split into two course sections led by  experienced iEARN facilitators from Brazil and the United States. 

The course taught participants about global project-based learning with iEARN. It prepared them to participate in a virtual exchange project with their class, and to collaborate with other teachers from around the world. Through the course, teachers learned how to integrate collaborative, project-based learning into their teaching practice while addressing local/national educational standards. They also discussed ways to prepare students for online global communication and project work, and to evaluate their learning. Following the online course, teachers select and implement an iEARN project in their classroom. 

"Through a  common, shared experience, I hope to help my students make global connections. My community is small, rural and somewhat isolated.  My students are young and definitely need to learn more about the world; however, this learning will be more powerful if we are learning with the world as we learn about it.

I am excited to introduce my students to the UN SDGs and to iEARN. This project will increase not only world knowledge, but also unity and brotherhood. My goal is to reduce the isolation in which my students live." - Molly Amen, United States
Spring 2019 Online Course Infographic

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