iEARN-USA Fall 2020 Info Sessions: Project Based Virtual Exchange Across the World

I Earn Usa Info Sessions Fall 2020

iEARN-USA has been hosting info sessions this fall for K-12 educators, school administrators and district leaders interested in learning more about iEARN-USA’s global education programming. 

Join us for our last 30 minute session of the season to learn about the benefits of engaging your students in cross-cultural exchange and collaboration with their global peers through virtual, project-based learning and how iEARN-USA can help your school or district get started. 

Register now for our last iEARN-USA Info Session of the season below:

  • REGISTER for the Info Session on Wednesday, September 16th - 5 pm EDT

iEARN projects are designed to be curriculum based, flexible, and can be integrated into all subjects areas. In addition, all iEARN projects are aligned with one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, so students are engaging in meaningful conversations with their peers around the world, through project-based learning, and virtual/online discussions.

Through participating in iEARN-USA’s programming, students develop openness and respect towards people from other cultures and perspectives; take collaborative action to make meaningful contributions to their local and global communities; and develop other critical 21st century skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, that will support their success in their educational and career paths. 

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a part of the iEARN Global Community, please visit our join page or contact [email protected]