iEARN 5K Reflection

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Signe Knutson, Program Coordinator, shares her reflections on the iEARN 5K event.

I love running. I come from a family of distance runners and participated in my first mile long race when I was 4. The opportunity to participate in the Generosity NYC 5K series was very exciting, and I was thrilled to help in the coordination effort. More than the running, what I enjoyed most was seeing how everyone came together to support this fundraising event. Similar to the work of iEARN, collaboration was the key to our success.

The week before the iEARN 5K, I ran the New York City marathon and reached my finish time goal. What made running the 5K so meaningful was that we ran for reasons beyond our individual goals; we ran with a purpose. I felt so proud to run the 5K on November 13th in support of iEARN-USA. What made that day even more special was running with my colleagues and iEARN community members. We came to the start line with different backgrounds, but we all crossed the finish line for the same reason: to create an interconnected, peaceful and just world.

Thank you to all our supporters!


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