Finding Solutions to Hunger through Online Collaboration

What do we know about hunger? Who is hungry in our world? How widespread is hunger? Is there enough food in the world? Why are people hungry? What can we do to help? These are the questions that students in the Finding Solutions to Hunger project are trying to answer. Classrooms from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and the United States are working collaboratively to find solutions to hunger and poverty. To take action against hunger in the world, through understanding and action, is the ultimate goal. Building a network of collaboration, shared knowledge, and service happens over time as students study the concepts on hunger, among others, through reading, artistic expression, digital media and writing and reflecting.

Here are some photos of students in the project taking action against hunger:

World Hunger Awareness Us 2 Fix
World Hunger Awareness Us 1 Fiix
Feeding The Hungry Egypt 4 Fix
Feeding The Hungry Egypt 3 Fix
Feeding The Hungry Egypt 2 Fix
Feeding The Hungry Egypt 1 Fix
Food Bank Egypt 2
Food Bank Egypt 1
Food Bank Egypt 3

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