Fall Project Ideas: One Day in the Life Project

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"One Day in the Life" is a highly interactive project in which students post messages and images in our forum describing ordinary and special days in their lives, and then make cross-cultural comparisons. Students may document aspects of a typical day (like visiting the market or going to school) or they may document special days (like vacations, birthdays, celebrations, or holidays.)

While writing is often an important component of student participation, English or Spanish proficiency is not required. Autobiographical documentary photography and video and other media (typically with accompanying explanatory text) are welcomed.

One Day in the Life is a popular project among first-time iEARN particip ants, as students may join at any time, and as there are no long-term commitments. (However, many veteran teachers and students choose to participate year after year!)

In addition to the ongoing forum activities, there will be three "OneDay events" in 2011-2012: the first on Friday, November 11th, and the second in March/April 2012 and a third in July - when students around the world will document parts of one specific day using photography, writing, and other media. It's very easy to participate - ask your students to document their routines on the scheduled day, such morning chores, breakfast, getting to school, school routines, after-school activities, community life, evening activities at home, etc. Then, students post and discuss their work in the One Day forum.

What do you eat for breakfast in Taiwan?

What do you do at a birthday party in Azerbaijan?

How do you get to school in Bangladesh?

We hope you and your students can join us and find out!

If you are already an iEARN member, visit the One Day in the Life Project Page, and login to the project forum to get involved.  To join iEARN, see

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