Digital Storytelling Films Feature Moroccan and American Youth Exchange


The highly successful Chris Stevens Morocco-USA Youth Media Exchange Program, which culminated in December, is now featured in a new film available for viewing. The film offers behind the scenes access to the exciting digital media storytelling process of 32 high school students from Morocco, the Bronx, New York, and Chicago, Illinois.  

For these students, the adventure started through a series of online, collaborative activities and media projects related to the One Day in the Life iEARN project. Following a series of online activities and videoconferences, several participants from Morocco traveled to the U.S. in September, 2015 to meet their new friends in the U.S. and gain new skills in media, technology, and intercultural collaboration.

This video features the student’s experience in their Digital Storytelling Workshop, facilitated by Digital Canopy, Inc. In the workshop, students learned how to use multimedia tools to tell their stories and present their work to their peers and community. Youth from Morocco and the U.S. worked together in groups to produce short films featuring one of their group members. Click here to check out the videos from the groups. 

A special thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Morocco, the Moroccan Education and Resource Network (MEARN), DreamYard, Digital Youth Network, and The Digital Canopy for the great collaboration that led to this incredible exchange experience for the Moroccan and American youth.