Chris Stevens Morocco-USA Youth Media Exchange

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As part of the J. Christopher Stevens Virtual Exchange Initiative, iEARN-USA coordinated a special program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Morocco to connect students from the Bronx, Chicago, and Morocco online and in-person to learn from and with one another.  The workshop built off the successful virtual youth media pilot program, in collaboration with DreamYard and Digital Youth Network, that took place in Spring 2015 and brought youth from the U.S. and Morocco together in collaboration and thematic media exchange.

As part of the program, select Moroccan and U.S. students were invited to participate in a special workshop in Washington, DC from September 25 - 29, 2015 for practical and meaningful inquiry into visual arts and media expression as a culmination of their online virtual exchange activities.  The workshop focused on the “One Day in the Life” theme and fostered a sense of shared identity, networking, and dialogue among exchange participants.

The four-day Digital Storytelling workshop, facilitated by The Digital Canopy, Inc., taught participants how to use contemporary multimedia tools to tell their stories and present their work to peers and community. At the end of the workshop, students showcased the videos from their exchange and workshop at a special ceremony that was attended by local educators, State Department officials, and the Moroccan Ambassador. 

This playlist includes the video projects of the seven student groups from the workshop. Following the workshop, students will share their experience with their local communities and continue to create and exchange collaborative video projects.