Boston Students Explore Mongolia

Mongolia Group Exchange

Students from Boston Public Schools just returned from a ground-breaking exchange between public schools in Mongolia and Boston. During the exciting three week exchange students visited three different regions of Mongolia -  UlaanBaatar, the capital city of Mongolia; the Gobi desert; and the rural Nairamdal Center.

Highlights from the trip included:

  • Exploring media and freedom of press with news agencies in Mongolia
  • Interacting with students in local schools
  • Learning about Mongolian families through a week-long homestay
  • Gaining an in-depth understaning of Mongolian history and culture by visiting museums, folk concerts, and cultural centers
  • Enhancing civic engagement by volunteering in local schools, orphanages, and environmental centers
  • Practicing journalism skills by interviewing Mongolian herdsman and their families in the Gobi desert
  • Touring¬† natural landscapes of the Gobi including: the Moltsog Sand Dunes, Eagle Valley, Baynzag Flaming Cliffs, and the Haytsgait Valley
  • Creating a newspaper in collaboration with Mongolian peers
  • Developing leadership skills by facilitating intercultural dialogue and creating presentations about culture, democracy, freedom of rights, and personal interests

Please view the photography slideshow for images from the Mongolia exchange: