Become an iEARN Guest Blogger

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We'd like to formally invite you, as a member of the iEARN community to share your stories and expertise! We’re looking for members of the iEARN community to share success stories, project highlights, best practices, education and community impact. If you feel you have both the experience and the writing skills to help social impact organizations learn and grow, we’d love to hear from you.

Please read our guest blogging criteria below - and the sample posts at the bottom of the page - before submitting a piece for consideration.

Blog Requirements

  • Well-written, high-quality content. Please proofread your article before submitting.
  • Relevant information to iEARN-USA’s community, including project-based learning, global education, K-12 education, SDG’s, ICT’s, and international exchange.
  • Informational, providing a tangible take-away that would be of interested in the iEARN community.
  • Action-oriented information. Your post should add to our readers’ understanding of a topic, and provide them with actionable steps or the tools they need to apply the advice.
  • Original content - written specifically for the iEARN blog.

Blog No No's

  • Similar/Repetitive content: if it’s a topic we’ve already covered, you must have a fresh angle or new information to add.
  • Duplicate content - if the blog is already published elsewhere please do not submit it. (If you have published relevant material elsewhere you can email a link to the article to [email protected] or tag iEARN-USA on social media.)
  • Press releases/self-promotional content : we're looking for work that's original and relevant to the iEARN community.

Blog Topics

  • iEARN Global Projects
  • Project-based learning
  • Global education
  • K-12 education
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • EdTech/ICT’s
  • International Exchange
  • Other related topics to iEARN's programs or educators


  • There are no length requirements for the article, but 500-1000 words is a good starting point.
  • Easy to read content, break up sections with paragraphs and bulletted lists when needed.
  • More than narrative, 
  • Cite sources and check facts, we don't want to post false information on our website.
  • Including connecting links back to iEARN's project pages or other programs is a plus.


  • If possible, include a 1-3 high-resolution images that highlights that blog post. If you blog is selected for submission additional images may be requested.
  • By sharing an image you are ensuring that iEARN-USA has permission to publish these images on all media platforms include web, social media and print.

Sample Posts

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the iEARN Conference,” by Katherine Korte (Guest blog/Personal Story example)
In the iEARN Project “Water is Life”, Students Take Action on UN Sustainable Development Goals,” (Project News/Highlights example)


Complete drafts can be sent using the iEARN-USA Guest Blogger form.

Review Process

  • All submissions will be reviewed by members of the iEARN-USA team to ensure they meet the criteria for publication. If we choose to publish your story or blog we will contact you to confirm.
  • The iEARN-USA team reserves the right to edit or modify the blog content, but will ask for review and permission of the writer before publication. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that all submissions will be selected for publication.

Thank you and happy blogging!