Back to School Project Ideas: Harmony 4 Humanity

H4 H Brazil

Music is the universal language.   Music brings people together regardless of differences.  

Through the Harmony 4 Humanity project, students around the world share their respective cultures with each other through music. The wonders of modern technology allow the world to be our classroom and provide the means for our students to expand their influence worldwide. 

Video creations can be as simple or as complex as the individual classroom decides.  Students will participate to the greatest extent possible in writing scripts, filming, video production and editing, and performing.  While doing this, students will have the opportunity to learn about their own heritage and traditions as well as those of the other participating schools.  

Each video is intended to be around 10 minutes and may include music and/or culture of your area for us to share with each other.  Upload a video sharing your current projects with us, your national anthem, or how music plays a role in the lives of your students.  We are open to any and all ideas!

We hope that you will find this project to be so simple and rewarding that you will continue to participate in this project year after year!

To read more, see the Riverview Junior High School's project page