2021 Virtual Project Exhibition

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Attention iEARN Educators, the January Virtual Project Exhibition is coming soon!

We invite iEARN educators and students to present your iEARN final projects to our global learning community at the Virtual Project Exhibition!

On January 28, 2021, iEARN-USA will host the Virtual Project Exhibition to showcase the inspiring project work and outcomes achieved by iEARN classrooms around the world.

Please consider the following criteria and submit your students’ iEARN project work and final projects by January 5, 2021.

  • Quality of Media - If using video, try to keep the video to under five minutes, checking the audio quality. For powerpoints and photos, make sure that you have permission to use the photo and images are not copywritten. 
  • Project Story - Does your project submission include a clear description of the activities completed and the connection with the SDGs? We encourage participants to share how they did the project, why the project is important, and final outcomes.
  • Exchange Story - Does your submission reflect your cultural exchange experience in connecting with global partners? Presentations that include project partners, examples of collaboration, and represent work completed by multiple classes are encouraged.
  • Student Voice - We love to give students the opportunity to present during the exhibition! If it's not possible for students to join, submissions that include student voice, such as students recording messages or student quotes, will be prioritized.

To see what was presented at our last exhibition visit:

To learn more about sharing project outcomes and final products, read Module 8 in the Teacher's Guide: