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Cecilia Lobato Eppler

iEARN Educator

Cecilia Lobato Eppler, is a K-5 Spanish Teacher at Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland, participating in iEARN projects has provided opportunities to foster her students’ development as global citizens. Cecilia first joined iEARN in 2011, after learning about it from a college professor who was a strong advocate of Global Education. Since then, she has partnered with iEARN classrooms in Argentina, India, China, England, Slovenia, Russia, Pakistan, and Taiwan. Cecilia and her students have participated in the Teddy Bear Project, the Daffodils & Tulips project, the Holiday Card Exchange project, the Ositos de Peluche project, the Global Art: A Sense of Caring project, the Side by Side project, and the My Hero project


A highlight of participating in iEARN projects has been establishing close friendships in different parts of the world. Teaching my students that people all over the world share many similarities with them, but also have many differences, and learning about them, is very enriching. These learning opportunities foster their development as tolerant and accepting global citizens.


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