Cathy Healy

Cathy Healy is a director for Partners of the Americas and a member of the IEARN-USA Advisory Board. She created and was the liaison for the two organizations' Connecting Teachers, Connecting Classrooms Initiative. An award-winning editor-in-chief, Cathy was recruited from the print Américas magazine to National Geographic's Insider magazine. She co-founded Geographic's Intranet and took early retirement for a Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship at Stanford University. Cathy is a director emeritus of iEARN-USA, a founding advisor for Educadores Globais/iEARN-Brasil, and was the catalyst for the DC-Brasília Partners' exchange program for at-risk teenagers that inspired the U.S. State Department's Youth Ambassadors program. Cathy has promoted K-12 global collaborative projects for the U.S. State Department's English Language Program (Moldova, India, Nepal, Chile) and TEDx (Santo Domingo, Port au Prince). In the year before COVID-19, she gave lectures and workshops to educators in four countries, four U.S. states, and the District of Columbia.