All projects within iEARN are designed and facilitated by participants to fit their particular curriculum and classroom needs and schedules.  There is no single model for iEARN project involvement. 

Included below are a set of iEARN Project Integration Plans and Success Stories in which iEARN educators and facilitators share their experiences, and provide their tips and suggestions for how to integrate global online project work into in and out-of-school activities.

The project plans below can also be found on the Buck Institute for Education (BIE)'s project database.

To join these or any other iEARN projects, please visit the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

Common Core State StandardsSee how iEARN projects align to the Common Core State Standards in the Curriculum Integration Toolkit.  CCSS aligned plans include:

Kindred (Family Histories) Project.  Students are looking at "Change Over Time: American Culture from 1912 – 2012."
Grade Level: K-5
Content Area: Language Arts, Social Studies
Created By: Mary Brownell, Philadelphia, PA, USA, iEARN Master Teacher

Finding Solutions to Hunger Project. Students will learn about the issues contributing to hunger around the world and what they can do to help.
Grade Level: 6-8
Content Area: Science, Social Studies
Created By: Deanne McBeath, Trenton, NJ, USA, iEARN Master Teacher

Connecting Math to Our Lives Project. Elementary students are finding out math is used in their Community.
Grade Level: K-5
Content Area: Math
Created By: Linda Giesen, Dallas, TX, USA, iEARN Master Teacher

Good Deeds Project. This plan was designed to enhance iEARN's Good Deeds Projects, where students share simple good deeds they have achieved, showing the details and motives behind this act.
Grade Level: K-2
Content Area: Language Arts
Created By: Jewel Mitchell, New York City, NY, USA, iEARN Master Teacher

Solar Cooker Project.  Students design, test and use solar cookers, while they experiment with alternative energy uses. They will create recipes and share their research findings.
Grade Level: 6-8
Content Area: Math, Science
Created By: Pam Novak, Longmeadow, MA, iEARN Master Teacher

Listen to the Walls Talking Project - Oaxacan Street Art.  A classroom activity aimed at having the students understand how artists respond to political situations.
Grade Level: 9-12
Content Area: Creative Arts
Created By: Angela Guy, Houston, Texas, Teacher

Integration Plans

A collection of project integration stories and plans outlining how educators have incorporated iEARN projects into their curricula.

Success Stories

A series of examples demonstrating how iEARN projects have impacted teaching and learning.

Featured Success Stories

Caring and Compassion

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