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gifDaffodil and Tulip Project

Classrooms around the world choose Daffodil and/or Tulip bulbs to plant during the same week in November.

Ages: 5-18
Languages: All
Facilitator: Ruty Hotzen in Israel, and Amy Dwyer in the USA

Contact: For more information about participating in this or other iEARN projects, write to or see Web link



Daffodil Jamaica

Garlic Garden at Shortwood Teachers' College, Jamaica.


Daffodils Iran

Iran, Farzanegan School


Daffodil and Tulip Project

Classrooms around the world choose Daffodil and/or Tulip bulbs to plant during the same week in November. Students collect temperature data throughout the experiment and report to the group – in addition they report when the blooms appear. Teachers find that this project can be used to teach many skills for many age levels. Participants enjoy interacting together while “waiting” for the blooms. Students have opportunities to use math skills, such as graphing, converting metric to English or the reverse, temperature conversions F to C and the reverse. In addition, they strengthen and practice science skills, i.e. hypothesizing what effects bloom date, collecting data, comparing and analyzing data. Also, students learn the importance of establishing and following a scientific protocol. The ultimate goal of the project is to promote building connections between students and their teachers, considering what affects plant growth, and peace!

“I joined iEARN about 1 year ago. The experiences both professional and academic are awesome. Professionally, I am able to use integrate technology in my teaching. Presently my students are involved in the Daffodil and Tulip Project. They are having fun. iEARN has confirmed for me that learning can be fun.”

Donna Powell
iEARN Teacher, Jamaica

Sample instructions for planting daffodils (Ruty Hotzen):

1. Purchase 20 daffodils.
2. Decide with the students the place to plant. Sunny spot (check notes for best spot.)
3. Plan to plant your 20 bulbs in November. Plant 15 cm depth.
4. Send the coordinates of your place to the Daffodil forum Web link
(for example: Tel Aviv 32° 6' N 34° 47' E)
This site might help or share with us how you found the information.
5. Send the site you use for your weather.
6. Check and record the temperature every 3 days. Report your findings monthly to the forum.
7. Send pictures and writing of the experience to the forum.
8. Measure the growth of the leaves.
9. Record the first of blooming. (Post to forum)
10. In meantime ask students what they think is effecting the bloom time the most. Let them hypothesize where will be the first place to bloom and make a reasonable suggestion for why they think that is true. Then have them compare to the actual experience.


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