• Basic typing, Internet and e-mail skills
  • Reliable access to a computer with Internet
  • Commit an average of five hours a week to course activities
  • Availability to log into the course once a week to complete weekly
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Active e-mail address where we can contact you during the course 

What is expected from me in an iEARN online course?

Your role in this online course is two-fold: you will be responsible for your learning and the learning of others.

You must log into the course at least once a week to read and complete the weekly assignments and discussions.

Each week you will begin by reading the weekly objectives then follow links to readings and required activities or discussions to complete for the week. You are required to actively join discussions and communicate with others in the course.

We create a supportive and secure environment so whenever you have questions or problems don't hesitate to ask questions. You will have two course facilitators who are there to help answer your questions. As well as facilitators, one of the most important aspects of the course is the online interaction among participants themselves. Successful completion of the course requires you to interact with your peers in the course each week.

Do I have to log into the course at a specific time everyday?

In this course you will be using online forums to communicate with your facilitators and peers and post assignment responses.

Communication in this course is mostly asynchronous. This means each participant will be posting his/her contributions to forum discussions, at his/her most convenient time and come back later to read and answer other participants. This communication mode is particularly helpful as it solves time zone differences and enables participants from across the globe to take part in the course.

Think about committing yourself to a set number of "sacred" hours each week for the course. Can you study one, two, three hours a week? Plan your time today so you can share your contributions to your class.

A poll of teachers indicates most teachers spend an average of five hours a week working on the course, though not all of this time needs to be spent online.

If you are taking the course for professional development credit in the United States, your Department of Education has a mandated number of hours for professional development credit. You must make sure you meet these hours. The online course platform we use has a log that shows us how many hours you have worked online. We are required to have this in case departments of Education ask for specific hours.

A synchronous chat, which takes place at the same time for everyone, may be arranged during the course. Course facilitators will inform you if they wish to arrange a synchronous chat with all course participants.

Remember online learning is different- unless you say something, no one knows you are there! So we encourage you to communicate with your facilitators if you have any questions or problems

Is the course self-paced?

No. Two experienced iEARN educators, who are in different parts of the world, facilitate this course. They will interact with you throughout the course, guide you and respond to questions you have. This course is designed to be interactive and supportive. Each week you are required to read and respond to the postings of your peers in the course.

Can I access the course from anywhere?

All your course materials and assignment are online.

You can access the course from any location where you can use a computer with an Internet connection. Most teachers who take the course use computers at their school, Internet Centre, or their own home.

If you use a public computer, remember to store any files you create or download on a CD or USB drive. You can also forward files or links to downloads to your e-mail account so that you have a copy.

My Internet connection is not reliable can I still participate?

Please write to the online course coordinator at to discuss your situation.

How many educators are in the course?

Each course has up to twenty-five educators. Educators come from a variety of countries worldwide. On average there are about eight different countries represented in each course.

Will I get recognition at the end of the course?

Yes. Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate of achievement from iEARN-USA.

What's the Refund Policy?

2 weeks prior to course start = 100%
After course start - before end of week 1 = 50%
2nd week and on = 0%