iEARN-USA's co-facilitated online courses guide educators in evaluating and aligning global projects with curriculum standards as part of an integrated project plan.  Educators develop a unique project plan for their own classroom, working alongside other course participants from several other countries.

This collaborative learning experience allows educators to communicate and network with colleagues around the world who can make teaching and learning more fun and interesting throughout year.

"When kids know that some other kids halfway across the world are watching and waiting to see evidence of their progress and learning, it raises the level of anticipation and suspense. This is why I really want to get my students involved with iEARN projects." Lisa Childres, Kansas City Missouri

"Some of my best friends are teachers that I have met through iEARN." Nancy Petrella, Middletown, Delaware

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Upcoming Courses

iEARN-USA is offering online course scholarships for U.S. high school teachers interested in planning and conducting projects with schools from 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa as part of the Chris Stevens Youth Network (CSYN). Teachers who participate in the online course will meet educators from around the world, learn about global project-based learning, and conduct collaborative projects with schools in other countries.

In this course, participants will learn how to integrate an iEARN project into their classroom by developing a project plan in collaboration with other teachers from the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States. As part of the course, participants will examine various projects suitable for secondary school students around 8 global themes including environment, civic education, social entrepreneurship, empowering girls, peace education, food security, health, and literacy and education

To learn more about the next round of the online course to start in February, 2014, submit a statement of interest form online by December 31, 2013.