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Deanne McBeath


This kind of diversity is rare in the area that I teach. To be able to communicate with students in Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Taiwan, etc is phenomenal.

Who is Deanne McBeath?

I was standing in the back of my Computer Technology classroom at The Village Charter School in awe. Before me were 20 eighth grade students completely engrossed in on-task behavior. They were not talking, rough housing, passing candy and gum, throwing things around the classroom, or any number of infractions that can come up in schools.

The date was March 31, 2011 and what they were engrossed in was iEARN's "One Day in the Life" project. We had partnered with 3 schools - 2 in Taiwan and 1 in Idaho, USA - and we had created a forum for those four schools. It filled my heart with joy to witness our students engaged in online learning, and communicating with students around the world.

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