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Renee Day

  • School: Ramona High School, Riverside, CA
  • Grade Levels: 9-12 Content Area: Social Studies

When I compare the groups of students that I’ve chosen to participate in an iEARN project online to those students who aren’t participating, their engagement with the curriculum increases, their knowledge base increases, the vocabulary increases, writing becomes much more descriptive, and they seem to have a better appreciation for whats going on in the world around them.

Who is Renee Day?

Renee Day from Riverside, California is an iEARN Teacher and advocate. She works with her students on global projects including Medicine in My Backyard and other environment focused projects. As part of an iEANR project, her student created a recycling club called Students Involved Internationally and led a recycling project to increase school-wide campus recycling efforts.

Renee presented on an online panel about assessing the impact of virtual exchange programs with Connected Learning and spoke about her experience with CSYN. The following are a few quotes from Renee’s participation in the panel:

"One of the most recent projects that I help facilitate is the CSYN virtual exchange that occurs first between teachers in the U.S. and North Africa and the Middle East and then they design a collaborative project where they have the whole year to conduct it … The difference about this particular exchange program is that the collaboration is ongoing and the student knowledge becomes deeper, they do more research, and they actually create positive change within their own communities."

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