Engaging through Collaboration

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Since 1988, iEARN-USA has demonstrated that education can be enhanced, and the quality of life on the planet improved, when young people have the opportunity to use connective technologies to engage in collaborative projects. Find out how iEARN has impacted teaching and learning through educator testimonials, dissertations, evaluations, research studies, and project stories below.

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Success Stories from iEARN-USA Teachers

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Research & Evaluation Studies

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iEARN has been the subject of many dissertations, evaluations, and research studies that have focused on iEARN as an organization and its impact on teaching and learning

Dissertations, Research Studies, and Reports

Browse through a history of completed dissertations, reports and studies about iEARN's impact on global education and collaboration.

Research and Evaluation Studies on iEARN-International Website

Read studies written by researchers and educators from around the world that focused on iEARN as an organization, and its impact on teaching and learning.

Action Research Projects by iEARN Educators

Learn from iEARN Teachers engaging in action research to find more effective ways to design the teaching and learning environments in their classrooms.

Press Coverage

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