Our Approach

Our Approach to Global Education

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iEARN offers teachers and students three meaningful ways to connect and learn with peers: online collaboration through iEARN projects, professional development and global networking, and participation in sponsored programs that support educators and students in becoming global citizens.

Sponsored Programs for Global Education

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iEARN-USA works with various partners including educational, youth service, and relief and development organizations to build a network of opportunities for young people to work together. iEARN-USA believes these organizations enhance our programs and enable us to better meet our goals. In partnership, we are proud to provide our network physical and virtual exchange opportunities.

Professional Development and Global Networking

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Since 1988, iEARN-USA has equipped more than 100,000 educators with the technical, collaborative and organizational skills needed to integrate global online projects in classrooms, after-school programs, and other educational settings. iEARN-USA offers face-to-face workshops and online professional development for educators seeking to engage their students in online global project work.


Based on individual, school or district needs around integrating online global project work into curricula.

Online Courses

Asynchonous courses linking educators around the world for network building, project integration, and standards alignment.


The iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit gathers members and friends from around the world to celebrate collaborative project work.

Our Project Pedagogy

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Global Project-Based Learning

An iEARN project is a collaborative academic endeavor between groups of students and educators in different parts of the world. iEARN projects take on many different forms and subjects, but most are rooted in the pedagogy of project-based learning. All projects are initiated and designed by teachers and students and can be adapted to fit participants’ curricula, classroom needs and schedules.

Online Virtual Exchange

The projects are housed in iEARN's Collaboration Centre, an online platform that enables groups to make connections, participate in forum discussions, and exchange media. Project work in the Collaboration Centre is asynchronous, enabling educators and youth to connect across different time zones, school schedules, and languages in a safe and secure platform.

Make a Difference Locally and Globally

Through iEARN, students worldwide make meaningful contributions to the health and welfare of the planet by exploring real world issues and working collaboratively with global peers to find solutions. Participants become active citizens in their local and global communities by pursuing this shared vision.