New Resource: Video Conferencing Guide!

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"Building global relationships is vital for successful global project engagement. While communication through email and discussion posts help to build those relationships, seeing and hearing global partners through video conferencing is the most effective form of communication. It's almost as good as meeting each other in person! Learning to use technology tools for communication is an integral component of 21st Century Learning."

                                             -Fay Stump | Project Facilitator | Hedgesville, WV 

This spring, iEARN created a guide to help more teachers like Fay connect their students with students around the world through video conferencing. The guide walks teachers through six steps of planning and hardware setup for video conferencing. It also walks teachers through how to conduct the following three types of conferences:

  • The "Getting to Know You" Conference
  • The Collaboration Conference
  • The Final Project and Exhibition Conference

Finally, the guide recommends various video conferencing platforms to use, and even gives advice for how to troubleshoot common issues.

Looking for tips and guidance on using video conferencing tools in your classroom? Check out the new iEARN Video Conferencing Guide!

Check out two classrooms that are part of the BRIDGE Program as they use video conferencing to connect. Through video conferencing, students at Sunburst Youth Academy in California and the Mohammed Seddik Ben Yahia High School in Algeria, were able to discuss their different cultures and find out how similar they truly are.

iEARN Videoconference Support

Are you an iEARN Project Facilitator or Teacher looking to connect with a partner via video conference? The iEARN Support Team is happy to help! We currently have a few iEARNZoom Rooms we can schedule out as they are available for iEARN Member use. To request to use an iEARN Zoom Room, complete this form and our Support Team will gladly assist you!