iEARN-USA is Seeking a New Executive Director

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Since 1988, the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN), a coalition of organizations located in countries across the world, has been pioneering the use of the Internet and other innovative technologies to link youth worldwide in collaborative, project-based learning. Today, iEARN’s global network is active in more than thirty thousand schools and youth organizations across 140 countries. More than two million students are engaged in collaborative project work through iEARN. iEARN-USA, the U.S. member of this powerful, international educational coalition, shares a mission to enable young people in the United States to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and all its people.

iEARN-USA is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director (ED) of iEARN-USA is responsible for day-to-day management of operations, financials, and staff development. S/he manages and works alongside the staff to create a productive and comfortable networking environment to engage with students in the United States and worldwide. The ED is responsible for pursuing and securing new revenue streams while crafting a new and innovative vision to drive the organization’s future development.

The ideal candidate should be a dynamic and creative leader with expertise in both U.S. and global education. The Executive Director will work closely with a variety of diverse stakeholders in order to identify, establish, and nurture effective partnerships to help expand the size and impact of the iEARN network. The Executive Director should be deeply invested in and knowledgeable about  K-12 education, and committed to providing opportunities for teachers and students everywhere to learn with the world, not just about it.  S/he must be a strategic and creative leader and an advocate for both the US organization and its wider, global mission.  S/he must be an articulate and forceful spokesperson, capable of publicizing the importance of global, project-based learning by following and enhancing the established iEARN model. This position presents an exciting opportunity for a seasoned leader to join a strong, creative, and highly motivated team at a key moment in the field of virtual exchange.



  • Motivate, develop, and mentor iEARN-USA staff, and nurture a healthy organizational culture.
  • Act as a catalyst to iEARN’s development as an international coalition, expand the reach, scope, and impact of the network.
  • Understand and clearly articulate the mission of iEARN-USA while implementing the new vision for the international organization’s future development.
  • Develop a results-driven and highly collaborative work environment
  • Further build the use of clear metrics to measure and demonstrate the success of iEARN-USA.
  • Be willing and able to travel both within the United States and internationally to expand the reach of iEARN-USA and the international organization. (10-20%)
  • Further develop an effective compliance structure to manage funds from government grants and philanthropic sources.


Internal Communications/Human Resources

  • Cultivate a positive, highly motivated, and collaborative workplace environment.
  • Foster effective communications, collaboration, and dialogue between staff and iEARN-USA Board members
  • Actively promote growth and development opportunities for staff.


External Communications/Public Relations

  • Articulate the importance and develop the reputation of the national and international iEARN network and its work through a variety of media outlets, public events, and speaking opportunities; act as the organization’s key point of contact in the United States.
  • Build capacity of iEARN-USA Board, leadership, staff, and member teachers to promote the organization and  develop their own outreach capabilities.
  • Ensure that, Collaboration Centre, and iEARN-USA sites use best practices for secure educational networks.
  • Attend, and help to support, the yearly international iEARN conference.


Program and Partnership Development

  • Enhance iEARN-USA’s technological capacity through the use of scalable systems, innovative technologies and  the establishment of collaborative partnerships.
  • Maintain current relationships with partners and identify opportunities for growth for the organization, initiate new and original programs, projects, and partnerships with other mission-aligned organizations.
  • Help the organization to maximize emerging opportunities in virtual exchange.
  • Create benchmarks for success, including setting clear goals and metrics for measuring and communicating the progress of the organization and the impact of its programming.


Financial Management

  • Develop the annual budget for iEARN-USA in collaboration with the Board and staff
  • Provide regular and robust internal reporting to the Board and staff
  • Ensure compliance with all financial reporting and audit guidelines.

Fundraising and Development

  • Maintain and expand relationships with existing and potential iEARN funders and donors including government, foundation, corporate, and individual sources.
  • Initiate new revenue streams through earned income, events, and donors at corporate, institutional, and individual levels.
  • Publicize the activities, mission, and impact of the organization to private and public donors
  • Engage the board through its development committee in expanding fundraising efforts
  • Create an annual development plan, in collaboration with the board and staff as well as the reporting protocols on the plan’s progress. 


Board Governance

  • Work closely with Board members to set new and implement the strategic direction for the organization.
  • Attend Board meetings as required and provide periodic and as-needed reports regarding operations, development and finance.
  • Assist with recruitment and orientation of new Board members.


Non-Profit Management

  • Proven management and leadership skills and experience developed over at least ten years  in non-profits, preferably working in the fields of education and youth empowerment (ages K-12)
  • Ability to galvanize and build strong teams as well as develop and mentor staff.
  • Media savvy, digital native with strong internal and external communications skills.
  • Track record of successful organizational change and/or results-driven institutional advancement.
  • Experience working with and building a volunteer nonprofit Board.
  • Experience working with a large and diverse team of volunteers
  • History of effective program planning and the ability to implement strategic vision.
  • Strong financial acumen and budget management experience.
  • Experience creating results-driven and collaborative management systems.
  • Understanding of online learning platforms, global competencies, and pedagogy preferably in virtual and/or physical exchange.
  • Masters Degree or higher  in a relevant field preferred: E.g.,  Masters in Education, Masters in Public Education/Health, Masters in Public Administration, International Development, Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in education, etc.
  • Multilingual fluency a plus


Revenue, Fundraising and Development

  • Prior success in fundraising with a history of building and maintaining strong donor and funder relationships.
  • Demonstrated business acumen, experience as an effective entrepreneur
  • Experience identifying, securing, and managing government grants and contracts, as well as corporate sponsorship partnerships.


Program Development

  • Experience in program management, expansion, and growth for a fast-moving, complex and global organization.
  • Experience with developing and launching innovative, new business and program activities.
  • Appreciation of the role of research and the use of data to inform and support an effective impact model that that measures and communicates the vision, mission and success of an organization


Community Engagement

  • Experience developing a strong collaborative community with an ability to speak to a variety of constituents and diverse parties, particularly within the educational community.
  • Experience with marketing and building effective communications strategies.
  • History of building and maintaining partnerships and collaborations preferably at an international scale
  • Demonstrated political savvy and expertise in advocacy, and public policy work on the local, state, national, and even international level.
  • Experience as a spokesperson for a national and/or international organization.
  • International travel and work experience.


Technological Capability

  • Knowledge of and established capability with modern classroom technologies, online marketing and fundraising platforms, social media, and web-based communication and productivity tools.
  • Knowledge of educational learning platforms and tools.
  • Experience using innovative technologies to advance an organization’s strategy, mission, and success.



The successful candidate will be offered a competitive compensation package.


Applicants should reply with a resume and cover letter that references their experience in relation to the qualifications listed in the job description. No phone inquiries will be accepted, all inquiries and resumes should be submitted via email to

iEARN-USA  provides equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in accordance with all applicable equal employment opportunity affirmative action laws, directives, and regulations of federal, state, and local governing bodies or agencies thereof.  iEARN-USA will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, age, or marital status.

Visit iEARN-USA’s website at to learn more.