iEARN-USA Announces the New Teachers’ Guide to Global, Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Teachers Guide

The International Education and Resource Network (iEARN-USA), with support of the Longview Foundation, is announcing the Teachers’ Guide to Global, Collaborative Teaching and Learning, a new effort to bring together resources, opportunities, and global project initiatives. 

This online teachers guide will bring awareness of the myriad of opportunities across the global education field to those who need support for their initial efforts to foster global competence in their students. It will include new projects, new technologies and applications to the Global Competency Matrix and the Common Core State Standards to increase awareness and give specific examples of global interactive projects available to teachers across the U.S.

Global Education organizations, networks, and educators will be invited to share their resources and project opportunities in this guide in a “one-stop shop” site through which teachers could learn about opportunities for global collaboration and gain links to the organizations, people, and resources that make it possible.

Teachers’ Guide to Exchange 2.0 - Technology-enabled International Interaction

Ten years ago, the Teachers' Guide to Exchange 2.0 - Technolgy-enable International Interaction was developed to help teachers use the Internet to connect globally as part of the Connect All Schools initiative. This project brought together institutions focused on international education so that educators could learn about different ways to get involved in global collaboration and virtual exchange. iEARN worked with 120 partner organizations that joined the initiative to help promote their programs and extend them to new U.S. classrooms. This new Teachers’ Guide to Global, Collaborative Teaching and Learning will expand on the work from the guide on the Connect All Schools site by building new, user friendly, easy to search site for educators to find their pathway to global collaboration.

Send Us Your Thoughts

We’d love to hear your thoughts and are conducting this feedback survey to assess the impact of the existing guide and to elicit recommendations for the new guide. Please send us your feedback by completing this quick survey.