Get ready for the 2012 Virtual iEARN Conference and Youth Summit!

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In place of the annual physical iEARN Conference and Youth Summit, the 18th Annual iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit held a virtual conference from Monday, November 12 through Friday, November 16, 2012 in conjunction with the third annual Global Education Conference. Sessions were held in multiple time zones and multiple languages over the five days

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iEARN GEC Conference Keynotes

iEARN Conference Presentations

Monday Nov. 12

iEARN Conference Opening Session. Nov. 12, 11AM EST (UTC -5) Moderator: Gary Lewis

Using Cell Phone as an Inclusive Tool. Mobile learning activity as a generative topic Toni Casserras Gasol, Catalonia Spain, Nov. 12, 6PM CEST,  (UTC +1) 12PM EST English Moderator: Toni Casserras

Amid Dark Times, A Brighter Side of US-Pakistan Ties, Dave Potter, USA and Farah DiKamal and Saleem Ibriham, Pakistan; Nov. 12, 9AM PST (UTC -8) 12PM EST , English Moderator: Mandee Galbraith

Teaching students the 21st century skills through iEARN projects Geeta Rajan, India - Nov. 12, 11:30PM IST (UTC +5) 1PM EST English Moderator: Aqeela Cutter

QR Week Projects Sonia Hurtado Pérez, Catalonia Spain - Nov. 12, 7PM CEST (UTC+1) 1PM EST English Moderator: Toni Casserras

Daffodils and Tulips Project, Ruty Hotzen, Israel, Nov. 12 9PM IST (UTC +2), 2PM EST English Moderator: Mandee Galbraith

My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs, USA; Said Belgra, Morocco, and Huri Cinar, Turkey - Nov. 12, 4PM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Mandee Galbraith

Projecto Telecollaboriva Internacional "Celebraciones", Cristina Velázquez, Argentina, Nov. 12 6PM ART (UTC -3)  2PM EST Spanish Moderator: Adele Bini

Comics Go Global: Fostering multiple literacies through online creative collaboration, Antoine Toniolo, Luke Jackson, Michael Bitz, Paul Register, Australia, USA, Nov. 12, 10AM  EDT (UTC +11) 6PM EST English 

Youth Media in the Classroom, Allan Kakinda, Uganda, Nov. 12, 3AM EAT (UTC +3) 7PM EST, English Moderator: Lisa Jobson

H.I.P to Be Global (Health International Perspective to Be Global) using HIP HOP Culture Stachen Frederick, USA, Nov. 12, 9PM EST (UTC-5) 8PM EST English Moderator:  Losira Okelo

Tuesday Nov. 13

Side-by-Side Fundraising with iEARN-USA, David Potter, USA, Nov. 12, 11PM PST (UTC-8)  Nov. 13, 2AM EST English 

Linking civic engagement to iEARN!, Arwa Ahmed, Yemen, Nov. 13, 4PM AST (UTC +3) 8AM EST Englsih Moderator: Shaima Al-Raly

Creating Future Citizens, Freda Goodman, USA; Mae Huang, Taiwan and Nawrez Hsayri, Tunisia; Nov. 13 9AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Rajib Das 

Inter-American Teacher Education Network: Contributing to Teacher Collaboration in the Americas Michaela Reich and Mónica de la Garza, USA - Nov. 13, 11AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Losira Okelo 

"El Camí de la Llum": Un proyecto inclusivo basado en 2.0 (A 2.0 based inclusive project,Dolors Cabot Cos, Peilei Pan, George Moldovan, Dariana, Nabil, Catalonia Spain, Nov. 13, 5PM CET (UTC +1) 11AM EST Spanish Moderator: Toni Casserras 

Internet Projects As a Means of Students Individuality Development, Iness Zubrilina, Belarus, Nov. 13, 7PM Minsk (UTC +3)  12 PM EST English Moderator:Mandee Galbraith 

Red Interamericana de Educación Docente (RIED): Promoviendo la Colaboración de los Docentes en las Américas Michaela Reich and Mónica de la Garza, USA, Nov. 13, 12PM EST (UTC -5) 12PM EST  Spanish 

Global Storytelling through My Hero Media Arts Production, Wendy Millette and Slater Jewell, USA, Cheikh Seck, Senegal, Nov. 13, 10AM PST (UTC -8), 1PM EST English 

Talking kites on the footsteps of J. Korczak, Ruty Hotzen, Israel and Cathy Healy, USA; Nov. 13, 8PM IST (UTC +2), 1PM EST English Moderator: Bridget Stout 

Preparing Youth to Go Abroad, Jennifer Russell and Dina Guirguis, USA, Nov. 13, 2PM EST (UTC -5) 2PM EST English Moderator: Osama Shamsan 

Creating a Good Visual about your Project Product or Activity, Dmitry Savelu, Belarus, Nov. 13 8PM CET (UTC  +1)  2PM EST English Moderator: Lisa Jobson 

Educación y Transmedia: Nuevas estrategias de enseñanza-aprendizaje, Mayus Chávez Anduaga, Mexico - Nov. 13, 1 PM CST (UTC - 6) 2PM EST Spanish 

My Hero Learning Circles, Wendy Jewell and Barry Kramer, Canada/USA - Nov. 13, 4PM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator:Allan Kakinda 

United Beyond Our Diversity Learning Circles enhanced by the T2C critical thinking tools, Eliane Metni, Lebanon; Garfield Gini Newman, Anita Townsend, Canada; Bob Hofman, Holland Nov. 13 11PM EET (UTC +2) 4PM EST English 

The youngcast project: skype with Spanish and English Second Language students,Sergi Roura Planas, Catalonia Spain, Nov. 13,12AM CEST, (UTC +1) 6PM EST English Moderator: Kristin Brown 

Videos Vozes da Juventude: A  Experiência Brasileira Patricia Faustino, Almerinda Garibalidi, Claudia Batista, Brazil, Nov. 13, 9PM ART (UTC -3) 6PM EST Portuguese

Peace One Day Celebration, Dian Novrini and Saara Suaib, Indonesia, Nov. 13, 9:00AM WIB (UTC +2), 9PM EST  English 

Wednesday, Nov. 14

How to Collaborate for the Specific Goal, Yoko Takagi, Japan, SAEROM LEE and KyungUn RO, Korea, Nov. 14, 2AM EST (UTC -5)  English 

School Uniform ExchangeCindea Huang, Kay Tu, Taiwan; Huri Cinar, Buket Ertentu,Turkey, Nov. 14 3PM CST (UTC +8) 2AM EST English 

Natural Disaster Youth Summit, Yoshie Naya, Japan, Nov. 14 8AM UTC, 3AM EST English 

Youth Summit’s IEARN’s Got Talent, Nov. 14 7AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Diane Midness 

iEARN-Adobe Youth Voices in Russian Speaking Countries, Sofia Savelava and Dmitry Savelu, Belarus, Nov. 14 5PM EET (UTC +2) 10AM EST Russian Moderator: Dmitry Savelu 

Project Me PBL: Connecting Students Around the World through Writing, Gretel Patch, Nepal, Nov. 14, 8:45 PM NPT (UTC +5.45) 10AM EST English Moderator: Losira Okelo 

Plan your year with iEARN projects by celebrating UN International days, Alema Nasim, Pakistan; Diane Midness, USA, Nov. 14, 9PM PKT (UTC +5) 11 AM English Moderator: Diane Midness 

Italy iEARN event Giuseppi Fortunati, Italy - Nov. 14, 6PM CEST (UTC +1) 12 PM EST Italian and English 

Fun, Education, Stop Motion Animation, Darko Taleski, Macedonia, Nov. 14, 7:00PM CET (UTC +1) 1PM EST English Moderator: Allan Kakinda 

Radio Solidaria Amiga, online- un proyecto colaborativo Mª Magdalena Galiana lloret- Docente, Spain - Nov. 14, 7PM CEST (UTC+1) 1PM EST Spanish 

Preparing Youth with Disabilities to Go Abroad, Ashley Bryant, USA, Nov. 14, 11AM PST (UTC -8) 2PM EST English Moderator: Jennifer Russell 

20 Countries, 30 Teacher Educators: International Teacher Education Course on 21st Century Instruction, Kathryn A. Smith, USA: Betty Burgos, Suriname, Nov. 14, 2PM CST (UTC -6)  3PM EST English Moderator: Losira Okelo 

The MY HERO Gallery, David Kemker, Canada - Nov. 14, 4PM EST (UTC -5) English 

Ositos de peluche- Proyecto colaborativo - Experiencias de trabajo, Olga Viviana Schaab and María Ridao, Argentina, Nov. 14 8PM ART (UTC -3) 6PM EST Spanish Moderator: Adele Bini 

Collaborative Projects and the Common Core State Standards Diane Midness, Mary Brownell, Donna Roman, Linda Giesen, USA; Nov. 14, 7PM EST (UTC -5) English 

Inclusive Education through IEARN Project Collaboration, Renee Day,  USA, Nov. 14, 4PM PST (UTC -8) 7PM EST English Moderator: Losira Okelo 

Thursday, Nov. 15

Implementation of International Collaborative Projects Online 5th to 12th grade - Brazilian Experience, Claudia Batista, Brazil, Nov. 15, 9AM BRST (UTC -2) 6AM English 

O uso de projetos colaborativos internacionais e online no ensino básico e médio,  Claudia Batista, Almerinda Garibaldi and Patricia Faustino, Brazil, Nov, 15 11AM BRST (UTC -2) 8AM Portuguese 

Youth Engagement with Community through Purposeful Media Creation, Exhibitition and Sharing Learning Experiences, Chole Richard, Uganda, Nov. 15, 5PM EAT (UTC +3) 9AM EST English Moderator: Patricia Faustino 

Online Tutors, Roles, Motivating and Inhibiting Factors, Mahmoud Al Waili, Oman, Nov. 15 GST (UTC +4) 10AM EST  English Moderator: Eliane Metni 

Role of iEARN in Improving our Students' English, Ruhiyye Mahmudova, Azerbaijan, Nov. 15, 7PM AZT (UTC +4) 10AM EST English Moderator: Bridget Stout 

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Language Skills Yasser Hussein, Qatar, Nov. 15, 7PM AST (UTC +3) 11AM EST English Moderator: Jennifer Russell 

Youth Voices Videos: The Brazilian Experience, Patricia Faustino, Almerinda Garibalidi, Claudia Batista, Brazil, Nov. 15, 2PM ART (UTC -3) 11AM EST English Moderator: Rajib Das 

ACE Project (Activating Cultural Exchange), Yousef Alsabashi, Yemen, Nov. 15 8PM AST (UTC +3) 12PM EST  English Moderator: Shaima Al-Raly 

How to Create a Great Video about Your Students Work/Project/Everyday Culture?, Sofia Savelala and Anna Savchenko, Belarus, Nov. 15, 6PM CET (UTC +1) 12 PM EST English Moderator: Dmitry Savelu 

The Interdependence Hexagon Project, Emily Erickson Cook, Beth Burkauser, Amy Weiss, USA, Nov. 15 12PM CST (UTC- -6) 1PM EST English 

Sustainable Solutions: PBL on Environment + Poverty among Rural Guatemala, Inner New York City and Hawaiin School, Frederic Lim and Lacresha Berry, USA, Nov. 15, 3PM EST (UTC -5) English 

The Impact of Cross Cultural and Linquistic Exchanges: Student Perspective, Curtis Young, and NSLI-Y Arabic student, YES & Yes Abroad Morocco students, USA, Nov. 15, 5PM EST (UTC -5) English and Arabic 

2012 iEARN Conference "Crossing Boundaries: Sharing Knowledge in an Online Community for Japanese Children in the U.S. and in Japan" Mie Buskirk, USA Nov. 15, 6PM PST (UTC -7) 6PM EST  English and Japanese 

Friday, Nov. 16

The Long and Difficult Way of Education in Tajikistan, Mavjuda Rajabova, Yourmuhammad Jalolov, and Firuz Barotov, Tajikistan, Nov. 16, 4PM TJT (UTC +5) 6AM EST English, Tajik, Dari, Russian Moderator: Bakhtiyor Iseov 

iEARN Club in Braslav Gymnasium, Globalizing Education Practice of Students, Olga Luksha, Belarus, Nov. 16, 2PM Minsk (UTC +3) 7AM EST Russian Moderator: Dmitry Savelu 

The Science Fair Project, a concrete example of Experiential Leaning Cycle, Miss.Kheira MEZOUGH, Algeria, Nov. 16, 8AM EST (UTC-5) 8AM EST English Moderator: Jennifer Russell 

Digital Citizenship - becoming digitally responsible, Nudrat Rahman Sheikh, Pakistan, Nov. 16, 7PM PKT (UTC -5) 9AM EST English Moderator: Aqeela Cutter 

My birthday, a historical day Nazima Jabeen, Pakistan - Nov. 16, 5PM PKT (UTC +5) 8AM EST Englsih Moderator:  Losira Okelo 

My City and Me-An Open Door to the World, Cristina Nenciu, Romania, Nov. 16 4:00PM EET (UTC +2) 9AM EST English Moderator: Mandee Galbraith 

Plastic Pollution Education, Carter and Olivia Ries, USA - Nov 16, 10AM EST (UTC-5) 10AM EST English 

iEARN Conference Closing and 2013 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit Presentation, Nov. 16, 11AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Kristin Brown

GEC Conference Closing and CelebrationNov. 16, 12 Noon EST, (UTC -5)

iEARN Youth Summit Presentations

Youth Summit’s IEARN’s Got TalentNov. 14 7AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Diane Midness 

E-Waste Management in New York City, Nathan Bellomy, Taruna Manni and YouthCaN NYC, Nov. 12, 3M EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Jennifer Russell 

NYC Water and Soil Quality Followup Study, Nathan Bellomy, Jaqueline Muallem and YouthCaN NYC, Nov. 12, 5PM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Jennifer Russell 

We Are Builders, Too: Middle School Students Learn The Hard Way, Mary Brownell, Six Grades5/6 students, USA - Nov. 13, 12PM (UTC -5) English Moderator: Lisa Jobson 

Using Technology to Tell Study Abroad Story, Jennifer Russell and NSLI-Y youth, USA, Nov. 14, 5PM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator:Karen Chen and Martyna Kowlaczyk 

Peacekeeping Process through iEARN Projects, Alexandra Deytina, Russia, Nov. 14, 1PM EST (UTC -5) English

Celebrating Diversity- International Day of Peace, Jackson Gillette, Lawrence Hamilton, Stefanie Graham, USA, Nov. 14, 3PM EST (UTC-5) English Moderator: Karen Chen and Martyna Kowlaczyk 

What are the Concerns of Women Facing Adulthood, Paris Bermudes and Alice Greene, USA, Nov. 15, 9AM EST (UTC -5) English Moderator: Chris Baer 

The Drama about Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Produced by National Feng-Hsin Senior High School, Students of National Feng-Hsin Senior High School, Taiwain, Nov. 16, 6PM CST (UTC +8) English Moderator: Andrew Chaung and Chridy Huang.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Activities of National Feng-Hsin Senior High School, Yuki and Vivian, Taiwan, Nov. 16, 7PM CST (UTC +8) English Moderator: Andrew Chaung and Chridy Huang 

2012 Artmile Mural Exchange Project between Taiwan and Japan. Ruth Hou and students, Taiwan, Nov. 16 10AM CST (UTC +8) English Moderator: Andrew Chaung and Chridy Huang 

iEARN Egypt through the years Mohamed Emad Issa, Youmna Madi, Janna Haddad, Mohamed Mahrous, Egypt, Nov. 16, 2PM EET (UTC +2), English Moderator: Andrew Chaung and Chridy Huang 

Experience and Adventures, Mohamed Emad Issa, Youmna Madi, Sheouk  Mohamed, Mora Maged, Ahmed Mamdooh, Egypt, Nov. 16 3PM EET (UTC +2), English Moderator: Andrew Chaung and Chridy Huang