Future Citizen Project

Algeria Group

A globalized world requires an engaged globalized citizenry who are fully aware of their agency within their community and beyond. Through the Future Citizen Project, BRIDGE students from Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and the United States began to understand their roles both as future citizens of their countries and the world. During this unit, students explored various entities having power and how they obtained that power. 

Students began in their first week by brainstorming qualities of good citizens and then writing a short summary about someone they thought was a good citizen. In week two, they went on to think about what human rights should be, and then watched and discussed videos on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Next, in week three, students thought about local issues affecting their communities, and wrote letters to local government officials about their ideas.


Students from Wyoming, USA wrote a letter to their local Senator calling for greater protection for children.

During the fourth week of the project, students shared the way that individuals come to power in their countries, and then compared and contrasted different election process. Finally, in the last week of the project, students reflected on how this unit impacted their understanding of individual civic empowerment by creating an artifact portfolio showing all the ways the government impacts their lives. 

Algerian students explained the election process in their country.

Inkedelections Li

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