January 3, 2011

Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Online Course for Educators

The YIEP 3 English online course began on 1st November, 2010 with nineteen educators. The course was developed by US educator Ethan Goldwater. Ethan cofacilitated the course
with Jim Carleton and Mali Bickley of iEARN-Canada, all educators with experience in social entrepreneurship and collaborative project work.

The Turkish language course began 8th November, 2011 with twenty-three educators. It was facilitated by iEARN-Turkey educators Seyda Karaca and Buse Biray. Turkish educators who wished to joined the English course were subscribed to that course as well.

The course really launched after the first week, with a live online conference held on Saturday 7th November, 2010.  This session included both English and Turkish educators (with translation in English and Turkish.) As part of the course design we scheduled a live
conference every two weeks for participants to talk.  Download a summary of their course experience. (pdf)

I am not sure if I can pick the MOST impactful part of the course because the whole experience has truly inspired me to use the principles of social entrepreneurship to help my students find compassion and responsibility through my "lessons."

Although all the readings and videos were incredibly informative, for I had never really been introduced to the ideas behind social entrepreneurship, much less how impactful it could be in an educational setting, I think the part of the course I gained the most from was the interactions with the other participants. Through the forums and Elluminate sessions I felt like the participants, particularly those within our venture group formed a family of sorts and I learned so much from the conversations and interactions I had. 

-- Holly Admomitis, USA