2024 VPE Celebrates Collaborative Action around SDGs

2024 Virtual Project Exhibition Impact Graphic

The 2024 iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition was a true celebration of students' collaborative action around the SDGs.

On May 23, 2024, 27 students and 18 educators from 11 countries presented about 8 iEARN projects and how they worked with their global peers to address the most pressing issues of their time. More than 65 people from over 21 countries attended the sessions.

A huge Congratulations to all of the presenters! We also give special thanks and Congratulations to our hosts: Arya from Iran, Ildana and Daniel from the United States, Maliheh Mohseni from iEARN-Iran, and to the educators who supported them: Minoo Shamsnia from iEARN-Iran and Bryan Peters from the United States.

View the programs and listen to and watch the recordings from both sessions below.

iEARN VPE Session 1 Program & Recording

2024 VPE Session 1 7

iEARN VPE Session 2 Program & Recording

2024 VPE Session 2 3

To see what was presented at our last exhibition visit:

To learn more about sharing project outcomes and final products, read Module 8 in the Teacher's Guide: