2013 Annual iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit

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The 2013 Annual iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit website is now live!

Join us in Doha, Qatar from July 1st to July 6th, 2013 for a global showcase of how technology is being used in K-12 schools and youth programs around the world to build global understanding and enhance teaching and learning.

Each iEARN Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for educators, students, administrators, Ministry officials, non-profit, and corporate partners, to meet and learn together.

The annual iEARN Conference and Youth Summit showcases educational technology activities, school partnerships, new Internet-based professional development tools, innovative curricula, and the collaborative efforts of youth and educators participating in the network.  In addition to educator and youth led workshops, the six-day event also features cultural excursions, cultural nights, and presentations by Ministries of Education, businesses, and partner organizations.

All are welcome - we invite you to join us in July in Doha!

Visit the conference website at for more information.  The deadline for submitting workshop proposals is March 31st.