Since 1988, iEARN has equipped over 100,000 educators with the skills needed to engage their students in learning with the world.  Our professional development team has worked with individual teachers, schools, districts, state level agencies, and partner organizations to make recommendations and develop and deliver professional development services that fits their specific needs and programming. 

Below are a few examples.  For more information and to discuss a possible partnership, see pd @

Kansas City, Missouri

May 2011, Kansas City Public Schools and iEARN-USA partnered to provide a six month professional development program for teacher trainers and educators to integrate international collaborative projects into their teaching.  The program launched with a summer train-the trainer workshop followed by ten scholarships for administrators to the summer online course.

When kids know that some other kids halfway across the world are watching and waiting to see evidence of their progress and learning, it raises the level of anticipation and suspense. This is why I really want to get my students involved with iEARN projects." Lesa Childers, Summer course participants from Notre Dame de Sion

In the Fall 2011 iEARN-USA will provide an additional twenty-two online course scholarships to educators across the city. Throughout the year Kansas City members will also have free access webinars hosted by iEARN-USA.


Between 2003-2007, ninety-two public school teachers were enrolled in iEARN online courses through the approved International Education Cluster offered by the Delaware Department of Education. Educators earned 2% Professional Development Cluster Credit. iEARN- USA was also part of the Delaware Department of Education initiative K-20 International Education Initiatives (Delaware K-20 IEI). 

Ohio State

Between 2007-2008, 4-8th grade educators across the state participated in a one-year program approved by the Ohio Department of Education that included a nine-week online course, integration of an international collaborative project, a Train-the-Trainer workshop and exhibition of students’ learning throughout the project.  The program also provided professional development credit hours. 


15 Literature and Writing Magnet Cluster Schools participated in a cohort with iEARN and the Office of Academic Enhancement.  See a video profile of the program